Rental Information

Please note: Until renovations are complete and we have moved back into our parish home, the Parish Hall will not be available to rent.

The St. Jude Thaddeus Parish Hall is available to rent for both parishioners and community members. However, should a non-parishioner choose to rent the hall, they will need the sponsorship of a parishioner and that parishioner will need to be present throughout the event.

Dining room capacity is limited to 160. Renters will have full use of the commercial kitchen and restroom facilities.

St. Jude Parishioner
$75.00 (4 hours or less)
$125.00 (4-12 hours)

All Other Renters
$125.00 (4 hours or less) + $50.00 for kitchen use
$225.00 (4-12 hours) + $100.00 for kitchen use

A rental contract must be completed, all fees (including security deposit) must be paid, and confirmation must be received before the hall will be reserved for your date/event. The contract can be found here.

We advise you to view our calendar here in order to be sure your desired date is available.

For questions please contact:
Carol Bax
(573) 619-5164