Pillar of Formation

"I, the Lord, your God, teach you what is for your good, and lead you on the way you should go."
ISAIAH 46:17

To grow as Christian stewards, all Catholics, young and old, must receive ongoing education (formation) in the faith. An understanding of stewardship is essential to bringing us closer to God because stewardship leads us to holiness.

Formation of each individual becomes part of the formation of the parish community. As members of the Body of Christ, the parish recognizes it has a call from God to give and share His giftedness. Inherent within each individual is the need to give – to move from selflessness.

Formation helps ignite and inspire a life-long journey of conversion. As on grows more deeply in formation, the more deeply one loves as God loves us. This is true for the individual steward and for the stewardship parish; as individuals grow in God, so too does the entire parish.