Liturgical Resources

Enhancing the spiritual life of our parish

Whether you're new to our parish or have been with us for many years, we strongly encourage you to fill out the yearly Time and Talent sheet. Each member has unique talents to share with the parish and each one is valuable. As a small parish we rely heavily on our members to give of their time and share their talents with us in a variety of ways. Below you'll find a few examples of areas in which your talents might best be used. Remember, though, there's always room for new skills, talents, and donations of your time and effort. If you wish to contribute to the parish but don't see something below that interests you, please take a look at the Time and Talent form or reach out to a member of the parish council.

Additional Liturgical Resources

The Diocese of Jefferson City has great resources for understanding and participating in the Extraordinary Form of the Holy Mass.

Visit our Funeral Liturgy page to learn more about planning and scheduling a funeral liturgy at our parish.

We have collected helpful information regarding Mass Intentions on our Mass Intentions page.

To find more information about the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony or planning and scheduling your wedding, visit our Holy Matrimony page.