Our Priests

Over the past 114 years, the parishioners of St. Jude Thaddeus have been blessed with many wonderful pastors to guide us in our journey with Christ. Each of these pastors, no matter how long he may have served at St. Jude's, left his mark on our tiny parish. While some were with us for only a short time, others were with us for a number of years and guided our parish through any number of changes, challenges, and celebrations including our founding, the addition of the basement in the 1940s, an expansion of the building in the 1960s, the addition of air conditioning, interior redecorations, the sudden death of our pastor in the mid-2010s, and more recently, the securing of all necessary permissions to begin the renovation of our parish home in 2023. While Father Wallace was the only pastor to reside in Mokane, other pastors traveled from Fulton, Rhineland, and Starkenburg to celebrate Mass with us, first by train once a month and later by car as highways allowed for easier travel.

We are deeply grateful for the leadership and guidance of each of the following:

Rev. George W. Hoehn (1909-1925)

Rev. Joseph A. Murry (1925-1929)

Rev. William H. Boudendistel (1929-1941)

Rev. Edwin H. Figge (1941-1944)

Rev. Lloyd A. Sullivan (1944-1946)

Rev. J. Homer Noser (1946-1948)

Rev. William H. Thurmer (1948)

Rev. John Driesoener (1948-1952)

Rev. John A. Morse (1952-1956)

Rev. Robert J. Arnold (1956)

Rev. Daniel S. Tarleton (1956-1962)

Rev. Frank Simoni (1962-1968)

Rev. Thomas Duggan (1968-1969)

Rev. Don Wallace (1969-1972)

Rev. Bernard Lischwe (1972-1975)

Rev. Frank Stangl (1975-1985)

Rev. Robert H. Fields (1985-1995)

Rev. Frederick Elskamp (1995)

Rev. Thomas J. Seifner (1995-2001)

Rev. Joe Hoi (2001-2002)

Rev. Brendan Doyle (2002-2003)

Rev. P. Gregory Oligschlaeger (2003-2007)

Rev. Karl Barmann (2007-2011)

Rev. Frank A. Bussmann (2011-2017)

Rev. Ronald G. Kreul (2017-2018)

Rev. Joseph Abah (2018-present)