History of the Hall

St. Jude parishioners had considered the need for a parish hall for over 30 years. The dream became a reality in 2009. Land was acquired, a building committee was formed, and in July of 2009 the building contract was awarded to Jungermann Construction of Portland, Missouri. The building was completed in December 2009. Bishop John Gaydos blessed the hall at a dedication ceremony in January 2010.

The parish hall is valued at over $400,000, seats 160, and is a high-efficiency building with geothermal heating and cooling. While parishioners had managed to save a considerable amount in the years leading up to the construction of the hall, a loan was needed for $100,000 which was taken out on a 15 year note. However, while the building itself was complete, it was empty and unfurnished. It was at that point that something quite remarkable occurred. The congregation voluntarily began furnishing utensils, cookware, dinnerware, tables, chairs, and everything needed to make the new parish hall a functioning community gathering spot.

Though the 15 year note initially felt a bit daunting for the parishioners, through sheer determination and the generosity of both parishioners and an anonymous patron, the loan was paid off in January 2012, exactly three years from when the first payment had been made. This allowed the parish to save over $32,000 in interest. In addition to the hard work and generosity of St. Jude parishioners, a $50,000 grant from the Alphonse J. Schwartze Foundation and a  $5000 grant from the Orscheln Foundation were received in the early phases of construction.

The St. Jude Parish Hall has become a much loved and often-used gathering place for not only the parishioners of St. Jude but for the local community.